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Chieftains Chair: [フィン・ユール|ニールス・ボッダー]



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Furniture executed in teak, maple and Oregon pine.

Finn Juhl,who appears to have become almost conventional, is the only one of all the innovative designers whose work is still based on timehonoured craftsmanship. As we have seen, it is possible to mass produce his pieces, but as a rule, they are best suited for the skilled cabinetmaker who masters his trade completely. This year, Finn Juhl’s designs continue the course of development which has characterized his contributions to the past four or five exhibitions. Finn Juhl has undoubtedly been our most prominent furniture designer these past few years, and he is the one who has made the sincerest efforts to comply with the requirements which a designer participating in the cabinetmakers’ exhibition is naturally expected to fulfil (N. T. K. : Svend Erik Moller)


...Niels Vodder and Finn Juhl have extricated themselves from all the restrictions of tradition, although it  would not be true to say that they represent a trend which has no affiliations with the past. Their impressive achievements are the result of years

of hard work and experimentation.

Finn Juhl has designed an easy chair, or armchair or whatever one might choose to call it, which is so fukk of life that it seems to be almost quivering  with vitality. It is as expensive and as delicate as a thoroughbred must be …

(Politiken: Steph)


...Architect Finn Juhl has designed a furniture group, executed by Niels Vodder, which is certain to create a stir. It is undoubtedly the exhibition’s most compelling and extraordinary interior. The chairs and a sofa, designed according to strictly scientific principles to ensure maximum comfort, are too peculiar looking to win general approval. They have arm rests looking like saddles on which one is supposed to be able to ‘ride’ with one’s legs sticking out. On the other hand, the very beautiful table, with a top inlaid with exquisite woods in lively and beautiful shades, is certain to become an unqualified success ...

(Berlingske Tidende: Fandango)

… Finn  Juhl’s stand, made with confidence and artistry, was one of the most interesting and most beautifully arranged interiors. The canvas sheet covering the ceiling from the window to the back wall gave the room an atmosphere of intimacy which was accentuated by a strong sense of understanding between the designer and the cabinetmaker, Niels Vodder. As we have noted, Finn Juhl’s work epitomizes certain trends in our contemporary culture; the search for new ways, the romantic view of art with a love for organic forms - the immanent mystery of things. This is also seen in architecture, painting and literature. Whether it is a vogue or a tendency is difficult to decide, but in Finn Juhl’s case it is manifested in the work of a true artist...

(Arkitekten: Borge Clahn)

ID : P122-1949

Cabinetmaker : ニールス・ボッダー|Niels Vodder

Designer : フィン・ユール|Finn Juhl

Release : 1949

Price : ask

Vintage status : ★★★☆☆