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Deck Chair: [コーア・クリント|ルド・ラスムセン]



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Furniture for study and terrace.

... for professionals, KIint's work is at treat: the bookcase with the dustproof fit of the sliding doors which run on ebony guides so that the faint ‘rolling' sound of the fittings used previously has now been eleminated; his desk with a built-in typewriter which is pulled out of the cabinet into normal table height in a single motion by means of an ingenious mechanism. On Klint’s latest pieces the profiles have been replaced by rounded corners...

...Klint’s adaption of the safari chair puts one in mind of the English exhibition — leather and quality. wonderful toys. In no time, a handful of sticks wrapped in leather are turned into a chair...

...The cabinetmakers are very grateful to Klint for the pioneer work he has done throughout the years. It has become a ballast we could not do without, and a source of knowledge of which we are proud and which is now reaching the cabinetmakers through the young designers

(A rkitekten: F. C. Lund)

... The greater part of the exhibition consists of tradition-bound, competent craftsmanship in various polished, confidence-inspiring styles, and this is not the exhibition’s raison

Numerically speaking, it has a very small basis, but most importantly, the cabinetmakers’ exhibition differs from the vast majority of exhibitions in this field in being a driving force. Its main achievement is that a number of firms have dared to make simple, practical furniture of the finest workmanship, furniture which is only distinguished by its well-planned proportions and exquisite materials. The architect Kaare Klint’s work has been of fundamental importance to this growing production. This year, he exhibits a range of individual furniture: a desk with a built-in typewriter, which can be raised mechanically; a bookcase, with sliding doors on fibre guides; red leather sofas and some excellent folding deck chairs and camp-stools ― this is the scope of modern furniture making. During recent years, Klint’s furniture has been based on the best in English eighteenth-century furniture making, but he has gone even further in the area of functional aesthetics. His studies of measurements, which form the bases of his work, are up on a scientific level; every detail, every fitting has been carefully considered. Kaare Klint is the first modern Danish designer to have his furniture made in unstained mahogany which is allowed to be mellowed by the chemical influence of air and light. It seems so easy to make things which are genuine and simple, be it in pine or mahogany, but this is not true in the furniture trade. Here it is still something of a feat to be natural...

( Berlingske 'Tidende (Ole Wanscher)

(social-Demokraten:Johan Moller Nielsen)


ID: P168-1933

Cabinetmaker : ルド・ラスムセン|Rud Rasmussen

Designer : コーア・クリント|Kaare Klint

Release : 1933

Price : ask

Vintage status : ★★★☆☆