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FJ46: [フィン・ユール|ニールス・ボッダー]



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Furniture for a living room.

I wonder if there is anyone who is better at making chairs than Cabinetmaker Vodder-— the craft can probably not be raised to a higher plane than that of Finn Juhl — no room will seem lifeless if his chairs cast their shadows on the walls and floor, though the exhibited desk and sofa do have an eerie feeling about them (Arkitekten: Ebbe Kornerup)

On the other hand, Architect Finn Juhl seems remarkably serene and calm this year in spite of his partnership with Cabinetmaker Niels Vodder who can usually be counted on to represent the bizarre trends in furniture making. Their living-room set, which only includes five or six pieces, is a fine example of modern furniture design, created by men who know

what they are about (Politiken: Steph)


ID: P276-1945

Cabinetmaker : ニールス・ボッダー|Niels Vodder

Designer : フィン・ユール|Finn Juhl

Release : 1946

Price : ask

Vintage status : ★★★☆☆