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FJ48: [フィン・ユール|ニールス・ボッダー]



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Living-room furniture in teak and maple

The partnership between Finn juhl and Niels Vodder is, after all, one of the pillars of the exhibition, and once more they exhibit different pieces of furniture in teak and maple which bear the characteristic stamp of their makers (Snedkermestrene. P. Th. L)

I t was a digression; experiments are, of course necessary, but one has to brace oneself for the impact of Finn Juhl’s and Cabinetmaker Vodder’s living-room furniture in teak and maple. There is nothing wrong with teak and maple, the elegant, ‘floating’ white tabletop and the workchair are already famous. The easy chair, however, is a copiously upholstered contraption on steel legs. It will take a male maid or a super-vacuum cleaner to cope with those chairs. I wonder if

they can be turned into real furniture design?

(D. K. : Ebbe Kornerup)

In Niels Vodder’s and Finn ]uhl’s stand, one finds furniture design in the completely modern sense of the word. Some may find it slightly fashionable with a touch of the international and decadent, but there is no denying that there are few at this exhibition to match their outstanding artistic sense of form. It is surreal, it is luxurious, but it is also powerfully sculptured. In addition, the chairs are heavenly to sit in, and the table is sturdy and attractive. Finn Juhl is perhaps the exhibitor who stands out as this year’s most forceful personality. It is this almost morbid fondness for the materials which makes the cabinetmakers continue to exhibit such delicious show dishes. Architect Finn Juhl is the only one who treats white wood properly: he uses maple which can be finished and polished without losing its wonderful colour

(social-Demokraten:Johan Moller Nielsen)


ID: P40-1957

Cabinetmaker : ニールス・ボッダー|Niels Vodder

Designer : フィン・ユール|Finn Juhl

Release : 1957

Price : ask

Vintage status : ★★★☆☆