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Night Side Table:[フィン・ユール|L・ポントッピダン]



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It is disquieting that the only one to give some occasion for debate is Finn Juhl who played the same role fifteen years ago or more. His bedroom suite for Pontoppidan is a unique world of form and colour which one may value according to temperament, but which cannot possibly be ignured …

(Snedkermestreme: Nanna Ditzel)


This time, the sparkle is provided by  Finn Juhl who exhibits a bedroom suite made by L. Pontoppidan to be used in his own home. It consists of Iow chairs on legs of gunmetal grey steel. underframes of cherry wood, and thick cushions upholstered with Thailand silk. In addition, it includes a small cabinet with drawers in different colours, and a spacious bed,also made of cherry wood ,with panels in green and red varnish...



...Finn Juhl,Denmark’s most famous  designer, blazes his own trail, and  contrary to the general trend, he employs a gray and powerful Symphony of colours in the de luxe bedroom suite he has designed for Cabinetmaker L. Pontoppidan. The large, comfortable bed is in three colours, the drawers in the small chest off drawers form a similar triad of colours. The upholstered chairs are probably the most surprising  components of this bedroom suite. A closer look reveals that the scat cushions rest on an underframe which may be used, at will, either for sitting or as a tray table. A cubic cushing is placed on top of the tray, and all that remains is to sit down and wait for the food to arrive, — a coctail, or perhaps breakfast, tea with bacon and eggs … (Berlingske Tidende: Fandango)


… Architect Finn Juhl, this year's most distinguished ‘wood twister’, has returned to the exhibition with a very ambitious cherry-wood bedroom, made with admirable craftsmanship by Cabinetmaker L. Pontoppidan. It is no exaggeration to say that this bedroom suite is different. Two upholstered chairs in particular are certain to provoke a debate. Personally, I find them sweetish and downright unpleasant, but the unquestionnable skill underlying their design cannot be denied …

(Politiken:Svend Erik Moller)



ID: P174-1961

Cabinetmaker : エル・ポントッピダン|L. Pontoppidan

Designer : フィン・ユール|Finn Juhl

Release : 1961

Price : ask

Vintage status : ★★★☆☆