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No.45 Easy Chair: [フィン・ユール|ニールス・ボッダー]



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Room for a managing director.

The most interesting pieces of furniture at the exhibition are probably the ones by Finn juhl, not least because it is so evident that they are the well-digested results of many years of experiment.

As opposed to Ole Wanscher, he does not base his work on the improvement of traditional models. Instead, he analyses each problem in terms of its functional requirements which will, in turn, determine his choice of form. In the early years of his career these experiments seemed exaggerated, at times far-fetched, a fact that makes it all the more interesting to observe the latest results of this man's very personal approach.

The most beautiful design to come out of this process is an armchair in walnut (made by Vodder) the frame of which is beautifully modelled, organic like a bone, well suited to provide support for the muscles of the arm and to carry the weight the body. Its form and texture calls to mind beautiful African weapons polished with use.

This fortunate mixture of elegance and strength also characterizes the desk, probably because its functions are again so clearly defined. His palette-shaped table in the rest area is not so convincing. The inventiveness and the sophisticated combinations of materials have become too pronounced, and in addition, the overall impression is marred by a built-in box in the tabletop which gives the front an angular appearance ...

(Arkitekten: Erik Herlow)

The talented Finn juhl, always at the top of his form, has once again made some very amusing and distinctive furniture for a de luxe office in collaboration with Cabinetmaker Niels Vodder.

The furniture, which was awarded first prize at the cabinetmakers’ own competition, has been sold in advance to an American customer. The architect’s personal comment on this very formal set of furniture is that ’The office of a managing director will reveal a great deal about his human qualities and his readiness to cooperate’ ... (Berlingske Tidende:Fg.)


ID: P276-1945

Cabinetmaker : ニールス・ボッダー|Niels Vodder

Designer : フィン・ユール|Finn Juhl

Release : 1962

Price : ask

Vintage status : ★★★☆☆