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Poet Sofa: [フィン・ユール|ニールス・ボッダー]



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Living room.

... Finn Juhl has designed some odd chairs for Niels Vodder. They are plump at the bottom while the upper

part consists of pointed ends like those of an eiderdown when it is held

by its four corners. One has to admit that they are comfortable, but as one views the room, with pointed ends sticking up everywhere, it looks like a seascape in a watercolour by Johs.

Larsen or Knud Kyhn complete with choppy sea and plenty of blue wave crests. Only the ducks are missing. Whatever did the nice little Cuban mahogany table do to deserve this? The storage system with cabinets and bookcases is nice and decorative, but it does not save the room. It remains sterile comfort

(Arkitekten: Asger Scbmelling)

….Most of the stands at the exhibition seem decorative with their simple and sober style. There are, however, occasional attempts to come up with something more frisky. Architect Finn Juhl for example, seems to have been in high spirits when he designed his amusing easy chairs for a living room. Apart from Finn Juhl, however, the exhibitors take care not to sail too close to the wind...(B.T.)


Finn Juhl has designed some furniture for Cabinetmaker Vodder, and like the preceding years, Vodder has been unable to establish a correlation between materials and constructions on the one hand, and the designs preferred by Finn Juhl on the other. It has become aesthetic in the negative sense of the word. As the furniture appears now, it might just as well have been made of other materials than wood and upholstery. More natural constructions would have been more pleasing to the eye. The upholstery of the armchairs, which is kept in place by two side frames, only

seems to be fastened to these by means of some white buttons glued on to the outside of the frames. The materials and construction of the bows, which are also exhibited by the cabinetmakers, possess the beauty which the furniture lacks...



ID: P158-1941

Cabinetmaker : ニールス・ボッダー|Niels Vodder

Designer : フィン・ユール|Finn Juhl

Release : 1941

Price : ask

Vintage status : ★★★☆☆