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Red Chair: [コーア・クリント|ルド・ラスムセン]



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Various furniture in Cuban mahngany.

Rud. Rasmussen’s stand is something - out of the ordinary. Normallly. showing complete interiors is probably the best way of securing popular appeal.
But  Klint’s furniture is so convincing and so fully developed to the last splinter that a whole stand filled with them is at least as interesting as the most ingenious interior.
The walls are closely hung with beautiful sketches, working drawings and photographs.
Although I am a great admirer of his exquisite furniture design, it would be interesting to see Klint make some inexpensive fu rniture for a change; convincing and precise like these,
but meant for the man in the street and at a price he can afford . . . ( Arkitekten: Willy Hansen)

The fact that Danish chairs have become more comfortable as well as more beautiful is an indication that we are on the right track.
There are a few new types which would have had great sales potential if only they had been created in a somewhat larger country than Denmark.
Indeed, a few of these chairs have found a considerable market outside Denmark.
For example,the red leathercovered chair,designed by the architect Kaare Klint for the new Museum of Applied Art,
has become a rather important export article for Rudolf Rasmussens Mobelsnedkeri...

(social-Demokraten:Johan Moller Nielsen)


ID: P118-1931

Cabinetmaker : ルド・ラスムセン|Rud Rasmussen

Designer : コーア・クリント|Kaare Klint

Release : 1931

Price : ask

Vintage status : ★★★☆☆